Jacques Loussier Play Bach No. 1 Jacques Loussier Play Bach No. 1. As long as 40 years ago, at a time when Pop and Classical music were strictly separated from one another, Jacques Loussier’s „Swinging Bach“ thrilled both friends of Baroque music and jazz lovers alike. Other musicians have tried, and are still trying, to[.....]
Joanne Grauner introducing Lorraine Feather Joanne Grauner introducing Lorraine Feather. Regrettably Joanne Grauer is listed with only three LPs to her name in encyclopaedias of jazz. The present album on the MPS label is the second, and certainly most sought-after, of this all-round musician. And it is probably Joanne Grauer’s most personal LP, for she[.....]
The Lionel Hampton Quartet The Lionel Hampton Quartet. They were known as The Perfect Quartet! And it wasn’t just their producer Norman Granz, surely not unbiased as to the greatness of his jazz musicians, who called them so. So it was only logical to put this Super-Quartet together. Just as the start of his career,[.....]
Perez Prado and His Orchestra Prez Perez Prado and His Orchestra Prez. It could well have been that Peréz Prado regarded his nickname ‚The King of Mambo‘ not only as an honour but also restricting with regard to his ambition to move into big band jazz. Whatever the case, the release of his album with[.....]
Gerry Mulligan The Concert Jazz Band Gerry Mulligan The Concert Jazz Band – an enigmatic name for those who have not yet experienced the unusual sound of the American saxophonist and arranger Gerry Mulligan. But all becomes quite clear after listening to the very first bars of this debut album recorded by the newly founded[.....]
Eartha Kitt That Bad Eartha Eartha Kitt That Bad Eartha. Diva, dream woman, or femme fatale? Eartha Kitt was a little of each and certainly did not need to worry about her image. No lesser man than Orson Welles summed up her extraordinary talents in the fields of dancing, singing and performance: for him she[.....]
Erwin Lehn Orchestra Color in Jazz Erwin Lehn Orchestra Color in Jazz. As they say: ŤWonders never ceaseť! Who’d have believed that the disco kids of today would dance to a radio dance orchestra performing big band jazz? The excerpt „Color“ on the „Talkin‘ Loud“ sampler certainly wets one’s appetite for the full eleven minutes[.....]
Joni Mitchel – The Hissing Of Summer Lawns Joni Mitchel – The Hissing Of Summer Lawns. For many, the soft and crystal-clear voice of Joni Mitchell at the beginning of her career will remain indelible in their memory. The innovative style of her peaceful, folk guitar music caught the attention of David Crosby, member of[.....]
TAMBA4 – We And The Sea TAMBA4 – We And The Sea – On ‚We and the Sea‘, the instrumental group Tamba 4, spearheaded by pianist-organist-composer Luiz Eça, introduced exciting Brazilian music to the world. Brazilian with a twist: Eça’s music crossed several genres. His conceptions were to pave the way for later cultural fusions by[.....]