Laufwerke Value Packs

Laufwerke Value Packs

New! Laufwerke Value Packs

One of the most interesting ideas in the Clearaudio catalog, effective from May 1, 2018: Laufwerke Value Packs


A great idea! But completely unreal.
Even if here and there appears a life organization that meets the requirements of the definition of democracy – in fact we are talking about laboratory conditions.
It does not matter if you are a believer in God or not. But for the sake of this discussion, read the first commandment.
The most important. Main.
Does it have something to do with the ideal in the organization of social life? And this is democracy!
Big words, philosophical considerations in the online store … Misunderstanding?
No. On the contrary. You can choose and assemble components. You can create your own hardware configurations. But will you ever be smarter in this action from the „factory“?
Let’s assume that the car factory gives you access to all parts from which it builds its cars. So you can build your own vehicle with the best parts. And you build.
Effect? Regrets worthy.
You’ll never be smarter than a „factory“.

Example? Performance Family