Rogers E20a integrated valve amplifier.

Ed Selley wrote: “The LS3/5a Classic is the star of the show. It’s never going to be a bass monster, but the balance it possesses from the top to the bottom of its frequency response never leaves you wanting more. The relationship between the drivers is so utterly cohesive you’d swear there’s only one at work in each cabinet.”


Visitors to the UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019, were lucky enough to hear the NEW production Rogers LS5/9 Classic speakers along with the NEW pre-production (in old chassis) Rogers E20a integrated valve amplifier.

Also shown (for the very first time) were the beautiful prototype Rogers stands for both the LS3/5a and LS5/9 speakers. Constructed from a very special wood, both models of speaker stand will be in production soon. If you want the very best performance from LS3/5a or LS5/9’s, these are arguably the ultimate stands.